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The owners of Boulder Creek Canyon Ranch, John Austin and Jacqui Smalley, travelled to Chile on several occasions and were delighted with the horses who grazed the pasture outside their cabins and playfully stuck their noses into the livingroom windows for pats. They rode up the Cochamo Valley, in the Andes, on horseback over extremely rugged terrain, crossing rain soaked rivers, and losing and gaining altitude for almost 10 hours. The horses never faltered, their hooves seeming to be suction cups that clung to the rocks that to the riders appeared to be unclimbable. Once untacked and turned out to their corral for the night, they turned back to their riders to be patted and thanked for their work. They were competent, trained and emotionally connected to humans like none ever encountered in the U.S.

Upon their return to their Utah Ranch, John and Jacqui began to dream about importing one or two to the states for their personal use. After searching the internet, they began communicating with Chile 's pre-eminent horse expert and writer, Randall Ray Arms. Before they knew it, three horses arrived from Chile . Recuerdo, Tentaita and Farolero arrived after their great journey and settled into life on the ranch. They loved chasing cows! Thus began the plan to introduce Chilean Horses to America .

Since that time, four additional mares arrived in foal and the herd increased to eleven. Another foal was bred and born on the ranch, and two more are due this Spring. The first two foals have transitioned from playful babies to green broke two-year olds. The first gelding will soon be available for sale!

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